Lifeboat alerted to walkers on flooded causeway

A lifeboat crew was alerted yesterday after three adults and a child were spotted wading through water on Holy Island Causeway.

Around 2.30pm yesterday, the Seahouses lifeboat was launched to help the group, spotted by Holy Island Coastguard, wading towards the refuge box across the flooded Holy Island Causeway.

The safe crossing times had ended at 1pm, and the next safe crossing time started at 6.10pm.

As they were waist-deep in the water, there was obvious concern for their safety.

Before the lifeboat arrived on scene, they had turned back and were now making their way back towards Holy Island.

Ian Clayton, Seahouses lifeboat operations manager, said: “This was yet another incident where the public seem to be unaware of the depth of water that can cover the causeway, which can be made more dangerous by fast-flowing currents.”