LIBRARY: Funding must be increased

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In response to the article concerning the lack of funding for the library at the Duchess’s Community High School (DCHS) (Northumberland Gazette, May 18), it appears that the reason for the plight of libraries in schools, and in general, is because of lack of funding from both the county council and the Government.

If schools are not funded properly then how can school libraries continue to receive adequate funding, while ensuring that teachers have access to all the resources they need to teach students and encourage them to achieve their potential?

School libraries are essential to encourage people to read from an early age and reading has been shown to have many benefits. These include increasing confidence and self-esteem, improving the quality of sleep and reducing the feeling of loneliness, all of which can contribute to our mental health, something which is becoming a serious problem among young people. Furthermore, reading stimulates the brain and keeps it active.

As a student at DCHS, I know how good our library is and how well used it is, and with two extra groups joining us in September this usage will probably increase.

Since the move last year, our new library is lighter, larger and much more pleasant than the old one. Often it can be hard to get a seat, with students being turned away because it is already full.

Clearly this shows the students of DCHS are keen to make good use of the library, therefore it should have an increased budget to meet demand.

However, it is also clear that the only people who can make a real difference are those who control our schools’ budgets. So as a young person in Northumberland, I would like to ask our new councillors to make sure that funding for schools and libraries is increased.

In addition to this, with the general election approaching it is also important for whoever becomes our MP to protect the funding for education.

In conclusion, the library at DCHS is well run and deserves funding not yet available to it. This applies to school libraries and libraries across the county and the country.

If the council can afford to consider loans worth millions of pounds for a playground, surely it can consider providing £7,000 to our local school?

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