Lib Dems reselect Julie Pörksen as General Election candidate

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Berwick Liberal Democrats have announced that Julie Pörksen will stand again at the General Election.

Julie, who lives in Rothbury and is training to become a teacher, secured 29% of the vote in the 2015 election, coming second to Conservative Anne-Marie Trevelyan.

Originally from Belsay, she has worked in the agriculture, higher education and charity sectors in Aberdeen and Peru

She has a strong record in supporting individuals, communities and businesses through championing justice and accessible quality local services. Julie believes that today’s society, fairness and equality have to be at the forefront and that our health and opportunities in education and in life must not be determined by wealth or where we are from.

Julie said: “I am delighted to confirm that I shall be standing again for the Liberal Democrats in the Berwick-upon-Tweed constituency. Our local businesses, farmers, communities, environment, health services and young people thrive through the exports, support and opportunities that Europe offers the North East. Yet the Conservatives are risking all our futures with a hard Brexit.

“But this election is much bigger than Brexit. Our future will not be happy or prosperous under the Conservatives. They are brutally slashing key local services such as our NHS; running down our local councils so they cannot afford to provide vital social care; and cutting school budgets. These Conservative cuts affect everybody and reinforce the division between rich and poor, North and South, rural and urban. And they certainly do not reflect any of the key values like fairness that I stand for.

“Challenging the Government is vital, preventing the destruction of our local services and fighting for community hospitals like Rothbury, Berwick and Alnwick and for our ambulance service. I believe in defending all our rights and promoting all our needs, from pothole funds to dualling the A1, and from nurseries to care homes fit for everyone. Providing an effective service to help every constituent in need, as Alan Beith did for so many years, is my absolute priority.

“Since she was elected in 2015, Berwick’s Conservative MP has failed to deliver on key commitments, has backed hard Brexit, and failed to ensure fair funding for our constituency’s schools and hospitals, not to mention failing to make progress on dualling the A1. On her election, she vowed to be “Conservative lobby fodder” - sadly, this is one promise she has delivered on. For me, the role of being your MP is not to be the Government’s representative in Northumberland but to be Berwick Constituency’s champion in Westminster. I

“It is very clear that we need an effective Opposition in Parliament to the Conservative Government, and Labour cannot provide it. I am the best-placed challenger to beat the Conservative and I urge voters across this large constituency to support me on June 8th.”