Lib Dems pledge bank-fine cash for air ambulance

The Great North Air Ambulance Service at the scene of a crash on the A1.
The Great North Air Ambulance Service at the scene of a crash on the A1.
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The Liberal Democrats would use £2.5million from a fine imposed on a bank for rigging the Libor rate to invest in the Great North Air Ambulance service.

This money could be used to buy an additional helicopter, provide 24/7 emergency cover or upgrade helipads at hospitals, although it is up to local groups how they spend the cash.

The Lib Dem candidate for Berwick, Julie Pörksen, has been campaigning alongside former MP Sir Alan Beith to improve ambulance cover across Northumberland, particularly in the rural areas which are furthest from hospitals with accident and emergency departments.

The £2,5million funding is part of wider Liberal Democrat plans to divide £50million, from the £227million fine levied on Deutsche Bank, equally between Britain’s 20 air-ambulance trusts.

Ms Pörksen said: “The North East’s air ambulance saves lives and helps the emergency services deal with some of the most difficult incidents, in some of the most hazardous conditions.

“This money will give our local air-ambulance trust the power to improve the incredible service they already offer our community. It will allow the trust to buy a new helicopter, upgrade their helicopters or improve their helipads.

“This would not be possible without the Liberal Democrats and further illustrates our commitment to build a stronger economy and fairer society.”

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