Lib Dem Lords leader speaks in Alnwick

A senior member of the House of Lords warned of a looming crisis in public services funding in Northumberland during a visit to Alnwick at the weekend.
Lord Newby, Liberal Democrat leader in the House of Lords.Lord Newby, Liberal Democrat leader in the House of Lords.
Lord Newby, Liberal Democrat leader in the House of Lords.

Lord Newby, the Liberal Democrats’ leader in the Lords, addressed the annual general meeting of Berwick Liberal Democrats on Saturday, and spoke about the impact of the recent Budget and the forthcoming bill for Brexit on public-sector pay and NHS provision in the county.

He also set out how the Lib Dems will seek to improve generational fairness by giving greater support to young people.

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He said: “What is now needed is a sea change in our approach.

“We must enable everyone, but particularly our young people, to get the opportunities they need to develop their skills and potential.

“This is why we are calling for a lifetime learning account which will let people get the training the need when they want it and why we would make it easier for young people to get to college or work by subsidising their bus fares.

“We must also deal with the crisis in social care by properly funding those who provide it for our most vulnerable citizens.”

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“Of course, Brexit and the expected £50billion cost of the divorce settlement will place even greater strain on already under-funded services.

“We would give people the chance to stop the immense economic self-harm which would be caused by Brexit by giving them a vote on the final deal the Government concludes.

“Given the Government’s incompetence and disarray, they simply can’t be trusted to produce the best outcome for the British people.”