Let’s keep our beaches tidy

LItter at Bamburgh beach.
LItter at Bamburgh beach.

Appalling and disgusting – these were the damning words of sickened residents after campers left part of an iconic beach covered in rubbish and faeces.

Human excrement, soiled tissues, a sea of litter and a gas cylinder were all left behind by a group who had pitched tents at the dunes on the Bamburgh coastline.

The shocking incident happened earlier this month and was discovered by a dog walker, who didn’t want to be named.

Disgusted by what she saw, she even went back to the scene to clear up after the litter louts.

“It was appalling,” she said.

“I can’t believe that people can leave their rubbish and can’t be bothered to take it with them.”

Our source, who walks at the beach regularly, said she came across the tents over the weekend a few weeks ago.

She said there were four people, including two children.

But when she went back to the site on the Monday, they were gone, but had left a trail of devastation in their wake.

“ I walked through the area where they had been and that’s when I came across the foul tissue, faeces, a load of rubbish and cardboard boxes, carrier bags and a gas cylinder.

“I was disgusted and on the Monday afternoon, I went back with bags to clean the mess up.

“I also found a receipt from a shop in Washington so I assume they are not from the area.”

She said that litter at the beach isn’t a huge issue, but every so often, a selfish few spoil the area for so many.

“Litter is an issue now and then but it is usually only one or two people. It is just a pity that a few people spoil it because most people keep it tidy,” she said.

Geoff O’Connell, who is a groundsman at nearby Bamburgh Castle Cricket Club, was shocked when he was told about the incident.

“I was appalled,” he said.

“It was an eyesore and to leave litter about, especially litter that was of such an offensive nature, is disgusting.

“What sort of people would do that?

“It is disgraceful behaviour and it really does take the biscuit.”