Let it snow ... we’re ready!

The Glanton snow patrol are ready and waiting for the white stuff.
The Glanton snow patrol are ready and waiting for the white stuff.

A COMMUNITY is joining forces to help others in winter weather.

The Glanton Snow Squad is a parish-council led initiative supported by members of the village.

Its aim is to keep pavements clear of snow and help others who cannot get out.

And volunteers are needed to help.

Resident and volunteer Lynne Livsey said: “We borrowed the idea from Belford, who had a snow squad last year.

“We recognised that last year the snow caused a lot of problems and the village community was pretty much snowed in for 10 days, so we decided to put our own together.

“It extends the idea of good neighbours.”

The group has put out an appeal for snow shovellers, residents with 4x4 vehicles who can collect shopping and those who can offer to dog-walk for others to help out.

The village pub, the Queen’s Head, has also come on board to offer soup lunches if residents are snowed in.

Mrs Livsey added that there are other communities interested in setting up their own groups as well.

“It could be north Northumberland’s response to the Big Society,” she said.

The group will also work with Northumberland County Council’s winter services team.

If you want to volunteer or if you might need help during the winter contact Jon Radgick, 01665 578222, Lynne Livsey 01665 578459, John Lang 01665 578658, or Joe Easton 01665 578654.