Let battle commence in the shadow of Alnwick Castle

John Harris and Tom Robinson from the English Civil War Society at Alnwick Castle.
John Harris and Tom Robinson from the English Civil War Society at Alnwick Castle.

SOLDIERS will be put through their paces this summer when a huge civil war re-enactment takes place at Alnwick Castle.

More than 200 people will be involved in the two-day event which has been deemd the Battle of Alnwick.

Actors from Sir Thomas Blackwell’s Regiment Foote, who all take part as a hobby, will be setting up a 17th century living encampment with realistic exhibits on Saturday, August 6, and Sunday, August 7.

The main event, the battle, will take place each afternoon in the Pastures and involve all the possible arms of the period.

There will be about 200 people, consisting of a Parliamentary force and a King’s force battling with some of those taking part on horseback.

A morning drill will also take place to demonstrate how a regiment moved in formation, going through their individual complex motions that lay at the heart of 17th century warfare in England, with a separate children’s drill session.

The encampment will include a regimental officers’ HQ, regimental kitchens (at which real food is cooked), artillery tent, an officer’s dining tent, trades such as ball (bullet) casting, blacksmithing, bodging (wood turning), herbalist, seamstress and tailors’ tents. With weapons, fires, fixtures, tents and flags, the scene will create a truly cinematic experience.

Commanding officer of the regiment John Harris, 52, who is a project manager for BT, said: “We are really, really looking forward to the event. It will be good for us and good for the Castle. There will be lots of interactive stuff.

“We will be showing people how to fight safely, doing history drill displays and more.

“It is going to be a great event for everyone and we are going to pack an awful lot in.”

Actors from all over the country and Scotland who are members of the regiment will be taking part in the event.