Lesbury WI, October meeting

Members of Lesbury WI met for their last meeting with Val Brooks as president as she was stepping down at this, our annual meeting.

Val welcomed our members and also Julia Davidson, our county WIA.

The usual monthly meeting business was carried out, before Janet Towers, our treasurer, presented the Institute financial report, with a very clear resume of our accounts. She was complimented by Julia for her thorough explanation.

Secretary Annette Ord then presented the committee’s report for the last year, a review that reminded some of us of things we had forgotten. Members voted to accept both reports.

When it was Val’s turn to speak, she reminded members that it was seven years since they had voted her into office, and she thanked everyone for all the help and support she had received, and remarked that we have a very friendly, informal Institute where everyone is part of a team, and that there is always a buzz in our meetings.

She then had us all laughing at yet another of her hilarious holiday mishaps - there have been a few in years gone by. She ended her talk by saying she had been happy and privileged to be our president, and that she was sure we would all be as kind and supportive to our new president.

Vera Murphy gave a heartfelt vote of thanks to Val and the committee on behalf of the members.

Julia then took over the meeting, overseeing the election, and members welcomed Susan Wood as our new president. She presented Julia with a lovely orchid as our thank you to her.

After an excellent pooled supper - including a very special cake made for Val by Susan, and time for social chat, Susan took the chair for the rest of the meeting.

The monthly competition for a pomander was won by Veronica Merryweather, and this will be our entry for the Hotspur Group meeting next week. The runner up was Meg Irwin and third place went to Susan.

The Rose Bowl for most points in competitions over the year went to Elaine Foreman, Kathleen Turnbull came second and third was Audrey Miller. The first two lucky raffle prize winners were Jean Wilson and Maureen Inglis.

Everybody agreed that we had had a most enjoyable evening before we all went our separate ways.