Lesbury WI, Meeting

Pottery painting

Friday, 19th February 2016, 10:30 am

The president of Lesbury WI welcomed everyone to the meeting, including our speaker for the evening, Lorna Watkinson.

On arrival members were intrigued to see tables covered with plastic cloths and littered with paint pots, brushes, water and sponges. What was in store?

Before this was revealed, the business matters were dealt with quickly and efficiently by the president, secretary and treasurer.

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An invitation by Belford WI to attend a celebration for the Queen’s 90th birthday was quickly seized upon by four members who are always ready for an outing, especially when it includes food.

Lorna, from Rainbow Pottery Paints, then introduced us to three varying techniques for painting pottery, giving a demonstration of each before it was our turn.

Some faint-hearted members shuddered at the idea of getting down and messy with paint and opted to watch and chat instead.

The rest of us chose either a coaster or a plate to decorate with our preferred technique, and really enjoyed the mess.

The results were quite professional, with some adventurous folk combining colours, and one arty member going totally “off piste” with her own design.

We await the finished products with bated breath, when Lorna has fired them.

Over refreshments we looked and admired what each of us had done, before birthday flowers were awarded to Janet, and five members claimed raffle prizes.

After a fun evening, we headed home, after defrosting windscreens and huddling against the cold.