Best friends

Saturday, 24th September 2016, 5:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 4th October 2016, 1:05 pm
Lesbury Village Hall

Lesbury WI’s vice president Joyce Ball welcomed everyone to the meeting, her last one in this role, and indeed, on the committee.

Quite a few people were on holiday this month, but this made no difference to the noise levels as people caught up with news from over the summer.

There was a whole range of opportunities highlighted in the August and September newsletters, together with several invitations from neighbouring WI groups. Diaries were out in force.

Our speaker and her canine friend were Susan Fulton, from Canine Partners, and her best friend Esther, a standard poodle.

If we weren’t really aware of what Canine Partners was, we certainly were by the end of the evening and were in awe at what these dogs can do to make their owners’ lives better.

Susan gave an enthusiastic and informative talk and slideshow, educating us all about the vital role these dogs play in the lives of the disabled.

Did any of us realise that when trained these dogs can fetch the telephone, unload washing machines, get cards out of cash machines and help people get dressed and undressed?

So many success stories made us feel humble and full of admiration. It gave a whole new meaning to the phrase that a dog is man’s best friend.

Esther is certainly Susan’s best friend. As a charity, Canine Partners is always trying to raise funds so we will be spreading the word.

Everyone was keen to make a fuss of Esther during refreshments and she remained calm throughout.

After birthday flowers had been awarded and raffle prizes handed out, it was time to remind everyone that October’s meeting is our AGM and a pooled supper. You know how we all love those.

So it’s the start of the new season after the summer break – time to look forward to WI fun ahead.