Lesbury WI, Meeting

Our vice president Annette welcomed everyone to the meeting, wishing us a Happy New Year.

Sunday, 22nd January 2017, 5:00 am
St Mary's Church, Lesbury

It promised to be an entertaining and girly night as our speaker, Jane Aitken, from the Beauty Box in Alnwick, set up pots, potions, brushes and make-up, ready for her demonstration. While this was taking place, the business part of the meeting got under way.

The treasurer’s report informed us that our December collection had been sent to the Evie Campbell Trust.

Correspondence contained two invitations from Alnmouth. The first was to attend a winter warmer lunch in February, and the second to take part in a mini table tennis tournament. Both were greeted with enthusiasm.

As our chosen resolutions needed to be sent in before the end of January, Annette outlined all six before members voted for one. It was a close call as both the safeguarding of refuges for women and doing research on microfibres and microbeads gained equal votes.

It was then time for our speaker, with the help of her model – a somewhat reluctant Veronica Merryweather. She had no need to worry as Jane effected a perfect, natural transformation. Would her husband recognise her or notice when she went home? Everyone wanted to know.

Jane outlined the importance of taking care of our skin and laid out an evening routine for us. This included cleansing and massaging the cleanser in, and following with toner, eye cream and finally moisturiser.

Eleanor caused much laughter when reporting that she would need to go to bed two hours earlier to do all this, but Jane had the final laugh when she insisted Eleanor come to the front for a demonstration of how quick the routine can be.

The demonstration ended with us all receiving a goody bag and a generous squirt of the new Chanel perfume.

Judging by the interest in speaking to Jane I’m sure some new business will be finding its way to her shop.

Only one birthday girl this month, but what a birthday, Kathleen Turnbull turns 80. She received a card and flowers, with other members hoping they will look as good and be as active when they get to that age.