Lesbury WI, Meeting

St Mary's Church, LesburySt Mary's Church, Lesbury
St Mary's Church, Lesbury
This was the first meeting with our new president Eleanor Morgan at the helm. She welcomed everyone, including our speaker Liz Finch, representing the National Trust.

The minutes of the AGM were agreed and members were urged to complete the rota sheets for birthday flowers and refreshments.

There was much laughter when it was announced that a new competition prize had been allocated for the yearly competition winners – replacing the cup with one blu-tacked handle. Ann Turnbull received the second prize, and Susan Bingham third.

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Thank you cards abounded this month. Two cards offered thanks for the recent Hotspur evening; one proffered thanks from our WIA, who officiated at our AGM, and one from our retiring president thanked members for her gift.

Our speaker then took to the floor and gave a highly enthusiastic and knowledgeable talk about the National Trust properties in our area. She accompanied this with beautiful pictures, which reminded us all that we really do live in an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Some of the anecdotes from visitors when she volunteers were amusing, as were details about the escapades of former residents of some of our National Trust properties.

We should all look out for future developments at Seaton Delaval over the next 10 years.

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After refreshments, birthday flowers were awarded to Susan Wood, together with raffle prizes and competition results. Eleanor outlined the WI competition proposed by The Coach in Lesbury, a cooking challenge for local WI groups.

The evening ended with a reminder that December’s meeting is our Christmas party, outlining what everyone needs to bring. We look forward to this event. Where has the last year sped to?