Lesbury WI, May meeting

Lesbury Village Hall
Lesbury Village Hall

A very good turnout attended the May meeting of Lesbury WI in the Village Hall.

After the welcome from our president Susan, the usual business was attended to, with details being given of various outings and events we have planned for the next few months. Some members are going to be busy.

As usual, the May meeting is resolution night, when the national WI resolution is explained to members and debated. This year the resolution concerned combining social and NHS care under one umbrella.

Janet led us through the pros and cons, with comments and thoughts about it coming from members.

The vote was, for once, very evenly matched, with support for the resolution just scraping a majority of the votes cast. Our delegate to the national meeting in London will therefore cast our vote as for the motion.

Once the serious business was over, the rest of the evening was given over to fun – a wonderful selection of table-top games, provided and organised by Susan and Irene.

It was unfortunate that there was not time for us to play more than four of the games on offer.

The first game played by my partner and me was very frustrating – placing little penguins on a quivering iceberg, where they had to stay put. If, in putting yours on, others fell off, you had to take care of them as well as your own.

As the object of the game was to be first in having no penguins left, you can see why it was frustrating.

Our next game was throwing two little pigs onto the table, and scoring points according to how they fell.

We were convinced that the pigs were weighted so that scoring high points was nearly impossible.

Our best game brought back memories of childhood, as it was a form of pick-up sticks.

It became obvious that hands are not as steady as they used to be.

After tea and social time, the birthday flowers went to Ann Malloy, and a special card was given to Irene Frater to celebrate a milestone big birthday.

Winners in the raffle were Vera Murphy, Joyce Ball, Molly Fairbairn and Gillian Atkinson.

A very enjoyable evening sent us off home in high spirits.