Lesbury WI, May meeting

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The attendance at the May meeting of Lesbury WI was affected by members’ illness, attendance at other meetings and holidays, but those who did attend thoroughly enjoyed a meeting with a difference.

After the normal business was attended to, a report from our delegate Ann Turnbull about the county meeting which she had attended on our behalf was read by the president in Ann’s absence.

Other members who had attended said it had been an interesting and enjoyable day.

The resolution for the national WI annual meeting was about regeneration of our high streets. We all agreed that there was no argument about the sorry state of some of our towns and the resolution was passed unanimously.

President Val informed the meeting that the tree given by our institute to the village to commemorate our 90th birthday and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee has at last been planted and photographs of the planting ceremony were available.

A friendly and helpful villager, Sean, has agreed to tend the tree for us and we are very grateful to him.

Instead of a speaker for the meeting, we then indulged ourselves with a domino drive, kindly organized by Irene Frater. Some people flew round the tables whilst others were seemingly stuck in their original seat for the duration of the game!

The highlight of the evening was Susan’s Bites – a huge, wonderful selection of finger food, made and beautifully presented by our own Susan Wood, with help from her husband Nigel. A selection of wines and soft drinks were an additional pleasure. Susan was warmly thanked and congratulated on her excellent supper (and Nigel was greeted with applause when he came to collect her!)

Numbers were taken for our outing in August, the competition winner was Sandra McKnight, several raffle prizes were drawn and the May birthday girl was our president, Val

After a reminder that our next meeting is on 11th June, a happy and replete crown of women made their way home.