Lesbury WI, May meeting

RESOLUTION TIME: The May meeting of Lesbury WI was not quite of the usual format, being the resolution evening. An evening when local groups can discus and debate issues that the WI nationally has chosen to apply its none too inconsiderable lobbying powers.

Our president Val Brooks opened the meeting. Swiftly moving through Institute matters, we came to the main item of the evening – the resolutions.

This year two resolutions have been proposed. Firstly, the current threats to close many civic libraries and secondly the possibility of creation of the so-called mega farms.

Hazel Wintrip presented the issues regarding the threat of closure of many libraries and Joyce Ball presented the pros and cons for the development of mega farms.

After discussion of both proposals, Lesbury unanimously voted in defence of libraries and against the development of mega farms.

After these debates it was time to wind down a notch with refreshments in form of a cheese and wine, but to add an element of panache Val had coerced one of our former guess speakers, Ian Smith, to be our very own wine waiter for the evening.

Hazel then checked that no one had over-indulged by testing our knowledge with two quizzes, one on the Royal newly-weds and one on famous quotes.

There were joint winners of the monthly competition for cheese straws, Meg Irwin and Susan Wood.

The birthday flowers for May went to Pat Jones.

The members then thanked the committee for a lovely evening, which was enjoyed by everyone with the quizzes causing quite a lot of laughter.

Val drew the meeting to a close, reminding us that our next meeting is on Tuesday, June 14, which will include a talk by Jane Bowen titled A Poor Little House and the monthly competition is a peg doll.