Lesbury WI, March meeting

Daniel Laidlaw VC
Daniel Laidlaw VC

Our vice president Joyce Ball chaired the March meeting of Lesbury WI in the absence of our president Susan.

After welcoming members and nine visitors from Craster, Joyce went through the normal business before reminding us to vote for new national trustees, and put names down for our centenary celebration afternoon tea at Doxford Hall in July.

Our outing will be in August as usual, and arrangements will be made for this at the next meeting.

On September 26, there is to be a special First World War day when a plaque will be unveiled in the Village Hall in honour of Piper Daniel Laidlaw, a former pupil of Lesbury school, who won a Victoria Cross at the battle of Loos on that day. Our institute has agreed to provide refreshments on the day.

The Village Hall committee has arranged a full day of exciting events for everyone to enjoy.

Joyce then introduced our speaker for the evening, Rita Braithwaite, whose talk was entitled A Funny Way to Make a Living.

She was an excellent speaker, who had been brought up in a garden nursery.

She had us laughing when she told us of her attempts to find time to get married to a farmer. Her fiancé thought between lambing and hay making would be good, May maybe, but in reality it turned out to be the following February.

After the nuptials, the happy couple moved in with the new husband’s parents in the farmhouse.

The bathroom was probably unique - for their use, a two gallon tin of cattle shampoo and a very large jar of udder cream, good for the complexion and general skin use.

On one occasion after spending time dipping sheep, she took a sheepdog with toothache to the vet.

It was a very hot day and she admitted she probably wasn’t as fragrant as she might have been when she went into a packed waiting room with the wailing dog. She was ushered into the vet before anyone else, and the poor dog had the tooth extracted without anaesthetic which made him sound like the Hound of the Baskervilles. When she left the surgery - only three people with their animals were left in the waiting room.

We all thoroughly enjoyed Rita’s talk, and she was very warmly thanked for entertaining us so well before we enjoyed a super pooled supper.

There were five raffle prize winners, Pat Myers was birthday girl of the month and competition winners were Veronica Merryweather and Ann Turnbull. A most entertaining evening.