Lesbury WI, March meeting

Through the combination of the bitter cold, illness and holidays, the March meeting of Lesbury WI was a little beleaguered.

President Val Brooks fell into the latter category, and for some strange reason was visiting even colder climes, so it was an occasion for this year’s vice president, Susan Wood, to take the helm.

Having welcomed those who had managed to attend and steer through matters of Institute business without too many faux pas, Susan then introduced the evening’s guest speaker David Jones.

David, a member of Coquetdale Community Archaeology, had come to give an account of the intriguing Barrowburn fulling mill project.

This is an ongoing project commenced in July 2011. The CCA group are excavating and exploring what is believed to be the site of what was once a medieval fulling mill situated on the north bank of the River Coquet at Barrowburn.

Fulling is part of the process of converting sheep’s fleece into woollen yarn, which was a staple of the Northumbrian life in medieval times before the days of cotton.

In an age when we are literally surrounded by man-made fabrics, which owe more to the chemical works of Teesside than the banks of the Coquet, David’s presentation was absolutely fascinating.

Continuing the theme of archaeology, the monthly competition was a fossil. The winners were 1 Elaine Foreman, 2 Vera Murphy and 3 Ann Turnbull.

Birthday flowers for the month were presented to Vera Murphy.

The meeting came to a close with a reminder that our next meeting on Tuesday, April 9, is a pooled supper.

The speaker for the evening will be Louise Louis from Silk and Sand and the competition is Fancy Pants.