Lesbury WI, July report

A lovely show of daffodils in Lesbury
A lovely show of daffodils in Lesbury

Space discoveries

After a warm welcome from president Susan, the July meeting of Lesbury WI proceeded with the usual business and arrangements for our August outing.

Secretary Annette, who is giving up her role at the annual meeting, announced that Jan McMahon has agreed to be the new secretary. She will attend committee meetings for the next two months to get a feel for the job.

We then had an excellent speaker, Dr Adrian Jannetta, who is an astronomer and mathematician.

His talk was to have been “Where are the Aliens?”, but he changed it to a presentation about the satellite ‘New Horizons’, which had left earth on January 19, 2006, and which, earlier that day, July 14, 2015, had whizzed over Pluto at a height of 7,750 miles and sent wonderful photographs of its reddish surface back to earth.

The only human thing aboard is an ounce of the ashes of Pluto’s discoverer, Clyde Tombaugh.

If all continues to go well, New Horizons will continue the exploration of ‘The Third Zone’, the mysterious Kuiper Belt, a huge band of planetary debris left over from the solar system’s formation 4.56 billion years ago.

Adrian was so enthused with his subject he managed to spread the wonder of it to all to us. A really super presentation.

After supper, Susan asked if anyone was interested in becoming convenor for the Hotspur Group. There was no volunteer.

The competition for a star in any medium was: 1 Meg; 2 Susan; 3 Veronica; 4 Thelma.

Julie Whitney was given a card to celebrate her 80th birthday, and the birthday flowers were won by Maureen Inglis.

A double raffle was held. Our next meeting is on Tuesday, September 8, when our speaker will be Julie Hewitt on ‘Feet Facts, and the competition is a shoe ornament.