Lesbury WI, December meeting

What a lovely evening 36 Lesbury WI members enjoyed for their December meeting.

All but essential business was ignored as members settled in the festively decorated hall for an evening of feasting, friendship and fun.

We began with an excellent sit-down buffet meal provided by Turnbull’s of Alnwick. There were many complimentary exclamations as people saw the veritable feast spread out.

It was amazing how noise levels fell while knives and forks were employed, and drinks were imbibed.

There were even some ladies who managed to eat second helpings before choosing the dessert.

After our meal, president Susan introduced our guests, Joan Kirk on piano accordion and Joe Ashbridge on drums.

They entertained us for well over an hour with a wide variety of music ranging through dance music, Northumbrian songs and sing- along music-hall items to hymns and Christmas carols. Everyone had tapping feet, clapping hands and voices raised.

We were very impressed with their performance and thoroughly enjoyed it. We shall look forward to welcoming them again.

The competition was for a Christmas table decoration, there were some lovely entries.

The winner was Maureen Ingles, second Vera Murphy and third Susan Wood.

The draw for the birthday flowers was won by Veronica Merryweather.

There was a special raffle for Christmas, and before leaving the hall, the ladies were asked to look under their chairs. One chair on each table had a sticker under the seat.

The lucky occupant of each stickered chair won the beautiful flower arrangements made for the tables by Kathleen Turnbull. The winners were all delighted.

On behalf of the members, Vera Murphy gave a vote of thanks to the committee for arranging such a lovely evening.