Lesbury WI

SPARKLING TALK: Our president Val Brooks opened the meeting, and then swiftly addressed the Institute’s business, concluding with a special thanks to Ann Turnbull for hosting the coffee morning, which had been a great success.

Val then introduced our guest speaker for the evening Christina Murton who makes and sells her own jewellery under the name of Bijou-Ti.

The name Bijou she explained was French for jewel (she also teaches French) and Ti short for Christina.

A display of her work was sparkling in more senses than one, Christina described the crystals, glass and semi precious stones that she uses when making her jewellery, which she also designs.

In particular the history of the Swarovski crystal which is a favourite in her work.

A few of our more intrepid or adventurous members then tried their hands at making a pair of earrings under Ti’s expert guidance.

Our monthly competition always tries to reflect the guest speaker’s topic, so a favourite piece of jewellery seemed like a fitting challenge.

Veronica Merryweather’s winning piece though was not the traditional glittering precious metal and gem but a beautiful lace necklace, second June Level, third Muriel Prior.

The birthday flowers for February were presented to Violet Forster.

Val brought the meeting to a close, reminding members that the next meeting on Tuesday, March 13, will be a games evening followed by a pie and peas supper.

The monthly competition is an old toy or game so get rummaging in those attics.