Lend your help to find lost rescue dog Max

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A family is appealing for help in their search for a missing dog.

Max, a golden Labrador cross-breed, was rescued by Danielle Love a week before he went missing.

Danielle is appealing to anyone who might have seen the animal to get in touch.

Max was being walked by Danielle’s dad, near her home at Chathill on Friday, when he cowered and bolted.

There have been various sightings, but the most recent was that Max was hit by a car on the A1 near the Newstead turn-off and ran off.

Danielle and friends and family have scoured the area, but have so far not found him.

She said: “Anyone who saw which direction Max went or saw him being hit might be able to help.”

Contact Danielle on 01665 589286 or 07787 227395.