LEISURE: Don’t let people down

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I feel I must put a line or two in your paper as I feel so incensed about what has happened regarding Lindisfarne Sports Centre Hall for young people and the Drama Centre, where older people have been able to partake in a leisurely game of indoor carpet bowls, and above all, an afternoon of companionship and a cup of tea.

Although we knew the end was imminent and that it would close, we were told they would find an alternative venue.

I feel we have been let down.

We are at the end of our lives and the young people have had the rug pulled from under theirs, which is more important as they have their lives ahead of them.

I’m sad that we do not seem to value both young and old.

Sports facilities, ie playing fields, have been turned into housing to make more money and profit, seemingly without a care for young people, and perhaps hoping older people will disappear quietly, become incapable, or die.

I thought the town would at least want the young to stay in Alnwick, but there’s nothing here for them, except pubs etc, and no jobs.

It’s been said that young people spend too much time on their mobiles, ipads, laptops, etc, and not getting enough exercise, but this has been taken away.

The town will die if something isn’t done as the young will not stay in this great area.

We have the great castle, Alnwick Garden, the beautiful coastline and hills, but we have to do something now.

We can’t protest or petition now as I believe this is futile and far too late.

Over many years, we have seen decisions that are cut and dried long before the public is informed.

Please don’t let this town that once was great die.

We have to be able to reverse the situation.

It’s a tourist haven, but locals have to be heard as we’re here all the time and we should matter.

We at Age Concern bowls have been going for decades – 30 years starting at Bailiffgate.

Every one of the groups who rely on this venue wants it to be kept open.

Jobs have been lost here too.

There are no facilities like this in Alnwick, please don’t let so many people down.

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