Learn more about unique herd of cattle

One of the Chillingham wild cattle.
One of the Chillingham wild cattle.

A special opportunity to see Chillingham’s herd of wild cattle is being offered to visitors.

The Chillingham Wild Cattle Association’s open day – on Saturday, July 28, from 10am to 4pm – will give visitors a chance to see areas not normally accessible to the public.

They will also be able to learn about the history of the cattle and the contributions they are making to scientific and environmental studies.

Chillingham’s wild cattle is a unique herd in that each beast is a clone of the next. Numbering around 100 cows and bulls, the herd is completely wild, with no human intervention other than for, very occasionally, humane reasons.

Ellie Waddington, cattle warden, said: “This open day will give visitors an in-depth insight into the individuality of the herd. Not only will they have the rare opportunity to learn about the science behind the beasts, they can also really experience the natural beauty of the medieval cattle park. These cattle are so unique, dating back hundreds of years.

“The day will be educational, informative and a great family day out. Last year, the park attracted thousands of visitors from across the globe, and we expect the same this year.”

There will be talks and tours, trailer rides and demonstrations from traditional country craftsmen.