Launch of new Poison book

Poison Diaries, Weed
Poison Diaries, Weed

Following on from the success of the Poison Diaries trilogy, Weed is a break-out book focusing on one formidable character.

Written by the Duchess of Northumberland with Hugh Sinton, it is a fantastic follow-on from the trilogy.

Weed is a seductive central character in the diaries’ trilogy and fans across the world will be delighted to find out more about him.

Half-man and half-plant, Weed craves revenge for the murder of his ‘old love’ Jessamine.

The story starts with him at Alnwick Castle, serving the Duke, but intent on making his rival Oleander pay for taking away his beloved girl and sending him on a ‘fool’s errand’ around Europe.

But as he comes upon his enemy, he ends up almost destroying the poison garden and the plants within it which are his allies.

Weed learns that he must try to do good and learn from them and use the potency of his plant knowledge to do good as well as evil.

He is powered by his connection to both healing and vicious plant life such as belladonna, hemlock and cannabis and travels from his home in Northumberland to Lindisfarne, London and the island of Anglesey in an adventure of love, betrayal, murder and salvation.

But he struggles against time and the temptations of the women he meets along his journeys.

Hugh Sinton has brilliantly evoked Weed’s character for the legions of Poison Diaries fans around the world who have been anxiously waiting his return.

In the run-up to the release of Weed, the Gazette has published three teaser stories which bridge the gap between book two and three of the Poison Diaries – Morning Glory, The Green Fairy and Harbour Tales.

The Poison Diaries books have received international acclaim and have a devoted online community which has shown astonishing growth on social media across Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Bloomsbury is publishing Weed in paperback priced at £11.69 and £6.99 in ebook form. Both are on sale now.