Laughs galore are in store at Playhouse

North East funny man Brendan Healy is performing at Alnwick Playhouse on Saturday, and admits he is looking forward to it.

The comedian says he loves performing in places like the Playhouse and is relishing coming back to Alnwick, which he holds in high regard.

“I love Alnwick,” he says.“It’s been part of my life since I was young. When I was a kid we used to go to places like Seahouses and Holy Island on holiday and going into Alnwick was a big deal. I have got very fond memories of the town and the area.”

Familiar with north Northumberland, the 55-year-old even admits to thinking he was being chased by a shark while he was surfing many years ago at Bamburgh – only to discover it was the shadow of his board.

“I guess I am a man who is afraid of his own shadow,” he jokes.

Looking ahead to this weekend’s show, Brendan says it will be a mix of comedy and music, performing well-known songs, but my version of them.

As for the laughter, his routine is set to include a series of gags about Ashington and how people there role their Rs.

“If I leave it out of my act, people ask ‘why didn’t you do that accent stuff?’ so I will be doing it in Alnwick,” says Brendan, who lives near Haydon Bridge.

“I am a mainstream comic. I am not from the alternative world and I don’t do anything rude. I just try to keep it pretty straight forward. If I hear a joke and I like it, I will adjust it to suit me.”

Having performed at the Playhouse before, he is looking forward to coming back.

“I like to do the small theatres. I like places like Alnwick.

“You can see the whites of people’s eyes and the response is instantaneous.

“I like to put the mic down and talk to people, just telling jokes, singing songs and playing the piano.”

A man of many talents, Brendan has played the keyboard in a number of bands, including legendary North East group Lindisfarne.

He has also appeared on television, film and in the theatre.

But having been a comedian for more than a decade, he insists he is happy with the job of making people laugh.

“I love it. The greatest thing with comedy is somebody’s reaction. If they laugh then they are happy.

“But I have to admit, what I love best is what ever I am not doing at the time.

“So, for example, if I am doing comedy and I am on with a band, then I want to be in the band or vice versa.”

○ Brendan’s show will start at 7.30pm. Tickets are £17.50 premier, £16.50 standard. They are available from the box office, by calling 01665 510785 or online at