Landlord, make mine a spirit!

A ‘GHOST’ has been caught on camera in a north Northumberland pub trying to sneak a drink.

Customers at the Salmon Inn in Belford were shocked recently when a loud crash revealed that a glass had fallen off a table, apparently with no human hand involved.

Landlady Michelle Thompson said: “The customer who was sitting at the table insisted they had not knocked it off.

“Sure enough when we examined the CCTV footage the glass was shown to be moving unaided across a table then shattering.

“These are cast iron tables so vibration is out of the question.”

It appears that other customers have also had mysterious experiences in the pub, including hearing footsteps upstairs when no one was there.

Anyone who has an interest in the paranormal can take a look at the CCTV footage at the Salmon Inn as it will be available on the CCTV system for the next week.