Land is ‘used for storage’

The county council has confirmed that a property in Alnwick’s Green Batt is being monitored, following concerns raised by the town council.

At last month’s meeting, Coun Ken Moore said the owner was supposed to have moved the business to Belford following legal action last year, but the owners, the Hoppers, contacted the Gazette to explain that they ae still paying business rates for the site.

A Northumberland County Council spokeswoman explained that the rates are being charged on the assessment ‘land used for storage’, which they understand is still the case, so business rates are due.

If this changed, the Valuation Office may remove the land from the rating list – and then no rates would be due.

“The enforcement action is in relation to other commercial and trading activities on the site. We are trying to work with Mr Hopper to make it clear what he can and can’t do there – and we are continuing to monitor this,” she said.