Kyloe Parish Council: Annual general meeting

At the annual general meeting of Kyloe Parish Council, James Hutchinson was elected as chairman and Hugh Leyland vice-chairman.

Council meetings are open to the public and are held in Fenwick Village Hall, at 7.30pm, on July 14, September 15, December 8, 2015, and February 9 and May 10, 2016.

The precept for the financial year has been kept at £1,700. The main item of expenditure is maintaining Fenwick Village Hall as a community asset.

Hugh Leyland, chairman of the hall committee, has kicked off a new initiative to update the hall. The aim is to bring it back into full community use through improvement of access and facilities.

The new committee is searching for new uses, analysing needs and looking at sources of funding with which to rejuvenate the underused buildings.

Comments are being sought, a questionnaire has been distributed and a new webside has been developed,

While the council is keen to support enterprise within its area, it remains concerned at the potential for noise disturbance and traffic congestion affecting residents in the vicinity of the Lindisfarne Music Festival in September.

The Black Bull at Lowick is currently closed, but it is listed as an asset of community value. This means the local community has to be given the chance to buy the pub.

A group is currently seeking to raise the £250,000 needed for this.

It is seeking funding and ideas from a wide range of sources, but local support it vital.

To give support, or for more information, email or visit