Kiosk wins approval despite objections

Planning permission has been given to install a roadside kiosk in Felton for the control of the sewage pumping station in the village.

Northumbrian Water had submitted the application and the structure will be sited on land north east of Felton Park Lodge.

The kiosk will be 2.6 metres long, 0.5 metres wide and two metres high and will be coloured green to help blend in with the environment.

It had been recommended for approval, subject to conditions, and members were all in favour.

One neighbour had objected while Felton Parish Council was against the plan, in regards to flood risk, alternative locations and the potential impact on the Felton Conservation Area.

The county council’s conservation officer did not raise any concerns and the Environment Agency stated that the proposal fell outside its consultation requirements because of the footprint of the proposal.