Kielder Christmas tree begins journey to the Houses of Parliament

The Kielder Christmas tree is going down to London.
The Kielder Christmas tree is going down to London.

For the past fourteen years, the foresters of Kielder Water and Forest Park in Northumberland have provided London’s Houses of Parliament with its spectacular Christmas tree positioned at the base of Big Ben.

It has become the most photographed Christmas tree in the world. And yesterday, the Westminster Christmas tree commenced its annual journey as it was loaded on a huge truck bound for the capital. This year, the Kielder tree’s extraction is to be shown as part of a feature on BBC TV’s The One Show.

Kielder Forest and Water Park offers some of the UK’s biggest Christmas trees and many have already been transported across the country to take pride of place in towns and cities from Kings Lynn to Worcester and Manchester to Kingston on Thames.

With the annual departure of the Westminster Christmas tree to London, the Christmas tree sales centres across the Forestry Commission are getting ready to start their sales to the public too. There are Forestry Commission Christmas tree sales centres across England, offering a variety of trees that are grown in the UK in a well-managed way, including trees that are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. Sales at Kielder Forest itself start tomorrow at the Kielder Castle Visitor Centre and in Rothbury from Friday, December 4. To find out more, click here.