Kicking up stink about litter

The full-up bins on Leases Street, in Amble, over the bank holiday period.
The full-up bins on Leases Street, in Amble, over the bank holiday period.

Litter and dog bins in Amble which were overspilling during the bank-holiday weekend have led to a string of complaints.

At this month’s town council meeting, administration assistant Vicki Smith read out a letter from John Geggie, of the Harbour Fish Bar, as well as concerned resident Ian Modral, about the issue.

Mr Geggie raised concerns aboutwhat he said was the ‘disgusting state’ of the bins on Leases Street next to the car park at the Quayside Chippy.

He said it gave a very poor impression of Amble and suggested that larger, seagull-proof bins should be put in place in the car park.

Meanwhile, Mr Modral said that the full bins led to ‘increased rubbish lying on our roads and dog mess being left next to bins’.

Commenting on the letters, Coun Helen Lewis said: “As a council, we put two new gull-proof bins on there, but some nice person has removed the flaps so the gulls can still pull the rubbish out.

“Putting something in the car park is a separate issue because it belongs to Warkworth Harbour Commissioners.”

She added: “We have had discussions with the county council to ensure staff regularly empty dog bins and we suggested two days of the week that are pertinent to do it.”

Coun Lewis said there was someone emptying the bins in the main area at lunchtime and teatime over the bank holiday.

Coun Jeff Watson conceded: “There was more rubbish than we could cope with.”

Members said there were reasons why the town was in such a state, including a number of county-council staff being off, but discussions have since taken place with the authority about a way forward.

Coun Watson said: “I think they will put into place a plan for it not to happen again.”

Coun Lewis added: “We won’t get the standard we had in the past because of cuts, but we are working together to get the best possible service and identifying the hot-spots.”