Keeping parents informed

Governors at a north Northumberland school are frustrated and disappointed after repair work delayed the start of term this week.

St Michael’s C of E First School, in Alnwick, was damaged in the flooding in June, and was closed until July 10, before temporary repairs allowed it to open until the end of term.

Work being carried out over the summer has not been completed in time and instead of opening yesterday, the school is now set to open on Monday.

Headteacher Debbie Boughen said: “Our school, our families and, most of all, our children have been extremely let down.

“I am doing everything in my power to have the school back to normal.

“What needs to happen now is a concerted effort by all of us to reinstate our school fully so that we can concentrate on our children and their learning, and support each other to this end.”

Veda Robinson, chairman of governors, echoed the concerns of Mrs Boughen.

“The governing body will continue to monitor the situation closely and make certain that minimising any impact on the safety, well-being and education of all the children of St Michael’s C of E First School remains the priority and focus of everyone involved in ensuring the satisfactory completion of this work,” she said.

A Northumberland County Council spokesman said: “During the floods in late June there was considerable damage and contamination to the majority of the school’s ground floor, including the toilets and school kitchen.

“Unfortunately there has been a lack of progress over the summer in work to repair the damage. This means that due to the current state of the premises the school and the nursery cannot open on Wednesday, September 5, as planned.

“Northumberland County Council has apologised to the school’s governing body for the delay and is currently investigating why the works have not been completed on time for the school to re-open.

“Our officers are working with the governors, the contractors and the headteacher to ensure the school is open again on Monday, September 10.”