Keeping check on flood defences

FLOOD defences at Rothbury have been checked as part of an Environment Agency exercise.

Officers from the body tackled torrential rain and flooding as part of a scenario to test their emergency responses.

On Monday, the organisation’s operational workforce was required to make tactical decisions to help protect people and property

Teams on the ground were then deployed across the Tyne, Wear and Tees river catchments to clear trash screens in watercourses, deploy pumps to locations at risk of flooding, close floodgates, and build temporary barriers and sandbag walls.

At Rothbury, teams tested the de-mountable flood defence in the village.

Operations delivery specialist team member Andrew Foster said: “This exercise is designed to test our skills, speed and decision-making during an emergency situation. We put these plans into test every year to ensure that we are well prepared.

“Our climate is changing and flooding will become more frequent in the future so it is vital that our staff are trained and well prepared for any situation.