Keep parent plants for one-off buys

When it comes to chrysanthemums, last year we enjoyed the company of the cultivar Boulou White, which stood in a large pot over Christmas. We had encouraged a few stems to develop on each plant with no disbudding for maximum effect.

Sunday, 21st May 2017, 3:56 pm
Some of the chrysanthemum cuttings. Picture by Tom Pattinson.

I see it’s in Woolmans’ ( catalogue as part of a collection covering mauve, yellow, pink and orange. Five plants, one of each, cost £9.95, or three plants of a single colour are £5.95.

The other late success was part of the Hogmanay Collection, which comprises four varieties of Mayford Perfection in bronze, gold, pink and cerise, for £7.95. The latter costs £5.95 for three plug plants that were disbudded for a single, large bloom per stem.

With little or no frost around before the festivities, I kept the plants outside to delay flowering, and it worked. The blooms were still fresh indoors when February arrived.

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Having retained the parent plants for stem cutting production and building our own stock, these were approached as one-off purchases.

The recent order, which I’m sharing with fellow enthusiast Alan, will add wider variety.