Keep on collecting, we’re nearly there

Julie Mawer is in the Jam Jar Army.
Julie Mawer is in the Jam Jar Army.

THE Jam Jar Army is more than two-thirds of the way to reaching its £10,000 target.

With people collecting across north Northumberland and further afield to help support HospiceCare North Northumberland, we have managed to raise a whopping £7,132 so far.

And the Army is still marching on.

Since we launched the campaign in June we have been backed by numerous clubs, groups, organisations and individuals and their hard work has paid off.

The Jam Jar Army was the brainchild of best-selling author Judith O’Reilly, whose latest book, due to be published in 2013, is about doing good.

As part of this, Judith wanted to raise money for charity and, inspired by her family’s poor box for collecting coppers when she was growing up, she came up with the Jam Jar Army.

Since then hundreds, if not thousands, of people have backed the campaign to help us reach our goal of £10,000.

Julie Mawer, a fund-raiser at the hospice which the campaign supports, said: “HospiceCare is overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone.

“We can’t believe how many jam jars have come through the door and people are even handing them to us at other events if they can’t get to the Hospice’.

“We can’t thank Judith O’Reilly enough for coming up with an idea that everyone can take part in and we also need to say a huge thank-you to everyone at the Northumberland Gazette for all the support and stories they have written and, of course, to everyone who has put a penny or more in a jam jar.

Paul Larkin, editor of the Northumberland Gazette, said: “We have proved that the Jam Jar Army is an excellent way to raise funds for deserving causes without feeling like you are breaking the bank.

“Everyone has pulled together to do this and it shows real team and community spirit.

“We are less than £3,000 away from our target now, which is fantastic in the current climate.

“The Jam Jar Army shows that we can support good causes which have been hit hardest by the recession.”

Jam jars and labels are available from the Gazette offices.