Karl discovers a real bright side to solar power

In the money! Karl Barclay.'Picture by Jane Coltman
In the money! Karl Barclay.'Picture by Jane Coltman

A north Northumberland man can reflect on a very lucrative decision to go green – with his bank account currently £432,000 better off.

Karl Barclay, from South Broomhill, installed solar panels on his house just after Christmas.

Every quarter he provides EDF Energy with a reading and receives money back via the Government’s Feed-In Tariff scheme.

Not long ago, he received £140 from the company after submitting his first reading.

But last week, out of the blue, he was accidentally transferred more than £432,000, which should have been destined for a maize farm in southern England.

The 34-year-old, who works as a project manager for Acklington-based utility company PWG Connections, said: “The first thing I did was get onto Google and see if anyone had got away with it. I have a young family now, but 10 years ago, I might have been gone!”

He said he was certainly shocked when he got the notification of the transfer.

“I saw it and thought, no, they are having me on, it’s an admin error, but then I saw it in the bank account. Then I phoned up the missus and she didn’t believe it either.”

EDF Energy apologised for any inconvenience caused to Mr Barclay and thanked him ‘for his cooperation during this matter and for his efforts to swiftly return this money to us’.