Karen the Mam’s an internet sensation!

An Alnwick entertainer’s latest madcap project has taken the internet by storm.

By Paul Larkin
Friday, 10th May 2019, 3:00 pm
Lewis Denny as Karen The Man
Lewis Denny as Karen The Man

A sketch starring Karen the Mam, created by Lewis Denny, has reached half-a-million views on Facebook and attracted thousands of likes, comments and shares.

Now Karen, who is just like the weary, stress-ridden mam everyone knows, has released a string of sketches that are proving equally popular.

Lewis Denny as Karen The Man

And actor, singer and comedian Lewis, who was the torchbearer who lit the Olympic caldron when it came to Alnwick in 2012, has announced that she is getting her own live show.

“Karen The Mam was an idea I was thinking about for a little while,” said Lewis. “I love people-watching and observing their mannerisms. I’ve done this as far back as I can remember. I also love all the classic sayings that we all use and can all relate too. Sayings that my grandma uses, that my mam also uses and then I find myself saying them too.”

In January, Lewis’ brother was on a night out and he watched how his own mam carried on, checking if he was active on Facebook, drinking wine to calm her nerves and saying she wouldn’t be able to sleep until she knew he was home safe.

“I thought ‘I’m going to make a video about this’. I recorded the first video called Mams When Their Kids Go Out Drinking and posted it on my social media accounts and it was an instant hit,” said Lewis. “People could totally relate to Karen, as mams themselves or having a mam like Karen.”

Her other videos are: Karen on Valentine’s Day, Mams on a Friday Night In, What!, Mams When They’ve Decorated, Karen’s Unseen Bits and the latest one, Karen’s Back From Her Hols.

“I’ve had brilliant feedback and interaction with people who follow my page. People ask me daily when the next video will be, will Karen The Mam get her own TV show, can they meet Karen. It’s gone mad!

“I knew I was onto something but never thought it would take off as quickly as it has,” said Lewis, who has plenty of ideas about developing the character, including a live show.

Karen The Mam’s Night In… OUT will be a mix of laughs, music, fashion, drinks and a social – everything mams love!

Boutique Ravello will be showcasing their clothes, Alnwick Gin will serve Karen Cocktails on arrival and HospiceCare North Northumberland will be fundraising with a raffle.

The show is at the Northumberland Hall, from 7pm to 11.30pm on Friday, July 19. Tickets £20 from www.lewisdenny.com