Karen carries the torch for town festival

Karen Larkin
Karen Larkin

A BOULMER woman has been appointed to develop next year’s celebration of the Olympic torch arriving in Alnwick.

Karen Larkin will organise and co-ordinate the week-long Festival of Alnwick, which coincides with the town hosting the torch on June 14. The appointment, which was made by Alnwick Town Council after interviews last week, will run until the end of June next year.

Alan Symmonds, Mayor of Alnwick, said “Karen has a great vision for the festival, lots of ideas and a real passion to make it a success. I am delighted that she will be at the forefront of the festival organisation.”

Karen is also the director for the Alnwick Food Festival, which enjoyed massive success this year. Both roles are part-time.

Karen, 35, said: “I am looking forward to the challenge of coordinating the Festival of Alnwick next year; this is an incredible opportunity, as we are unlikely to see the Olympic torch back in Alnwick in our lifetimes.

“I hope the area will be as inspired as I am to celebrate this unique event.”