July meeting of Craster WI

The July meeting of Craster WI was held in Howick at Copley Hall as Craster Hall is about to be refurbished.

President Sylvia Biott welcomed members and guests from Longhoughton and Boulmer and our speaker Hazel Stephenson, who gave a talk entitled How I Wrote A Book. She told us of the trials and tribulations of getting it started.

She had to buy a laptop to get the story into print before a publisher would read it.

However, she found she could do all this and produce the book herself, with the help of her close family.

She wrote of the war years and of the stories of Land Girls straight from the cities into farm life.

She made us laugh with most of their tales.

Joyce Shaw gave a warm vote of thanks.

We then had supper as Mrs Stephenson had to get back home to Bishop Auckland and the mist was making visibility very poor.

Our visitors left and we held the business part of the meeting.

Mrs Biott gave a very good report of the London AGM.

Members were reminded of the 100 Club and invitations to Warkworth WI on September 4, Embleton WI on September 11 and Belford WI on October 8.

The raffle was won by Mrs V Lowerson and Mrs S Dawson. The competition, something beginning with F, resulted in 1 Mrs M Hewitson, 2 Mrs A Green, 3 Mrs T Flegg.

Birthday flowers were presented to Mrs M Silk and Mrs S Dawson. Cash was taken for the 100 Club.

The competitions for Heighley Gate on September 29 were discussed and members were reminded of the tea day which is to be held on Sunday, July 22.