Judge’s fence can stay put

A JUDGE at the centre of a dangerous dog storm has been allowed to keep up a fence at her home, despite erecting it without the required planning permission.

Members of the planning committee unanimously granted Beatrice Bolton retrospective permission to retain the post and wire fence at her Whitton property, in Rothbury, for two years to support a hedge which has ben planted there.

In December last year, Judge Bolton was found guilty at Carlisle Magistrates Court of allowing her pet German Shepherd to bite 20-year-old Frederick Becker, her neighbour’s son.

The fence and hedge were designed to separate her land from an adjacent property.

Planning officers had recommended that temporary permission be granted for the fence to remain in place until June 2013 to give the hedge time to establish itself. The fence will then have to be taken down.

Residents and the parish council criticised the application because of the impact they said it would have on the area and on the character of the listed building.

Judge Bolton’s next door neighbour David Malia told the planning committee that the site plan was inaccurate, the fence has been built on his land and her application was ‘inadmissible’.