Judge questioned over dog

A JUDGE who was convicted of failing to keep her dog under control has been questioned by police after another alleged attack by a dog near her Rothbury home.

Royal Mail stopped deliveries to three properties at Whitton, where Newcastle Crown Court Judge Beatrice Bolton lives, after Morpeth postman Kenneth Auld was allegedly bitten by a dog.

Deliveries were stopped after the incident on Saturday, April 9 but resumed on Friday, April 15 after an alternative method for delivery was put in place.

On Saturday police interviewed Mrs Bolton and a file is being prepared for the Crown Prosecution Service which will decide if any charges will be brought against her.

It comes less than six months after Mrs Bolton was convicted of failing to keep her seven-month-old German Shepherd, Georgina, under control when it bit 20-year-old Frederick ‘Fritz’ Becker, her neighbour’s son, in May last year.

A Northumbria Police spokesman said: “A 57-year-old woman from the Rothbury area was interviewed by police on Saturday, April 16, in relation to an allegation of a dog biting a man on Saturday April 9. A file is being prepared for the CPS.”

The Judicial Communications Office had no comment to make on the alleged attack but confirmed that Judge Bolton has agreed not to sit at Newcastle Crown Court as she is subject to a separate investigation by the office in relation to her conviction.

When she was found guilty of the offence in December last year at Carlisle Magistrates Court Mrs Bolton branded the decision a ‘f***ing travesty’.