Judge James votes with his wallet as well as his trophy decisions

Almost 300 store cattle were sold at Harrison and Hetherington's latest fortnightly sale at Wooler Auction Mart.

Saturday, 26th March 2016, 1:30 pm
Left to Right: Presenting Trophy James Allen( Judge) and Mr R Telford (Branton Eastside).

Some 290 cows were sold at the Berwick Road mart.

In conjunction with the sale was the annual show for the Robin Scott Trophy, expertly judged by James Allen, of Longnewton, St Boswells.

He awarded the championship, yet again, to Messrs R W and K Telford, of Branton Eastside.

The winning exhibit was a Limousin cross heifer weighing 375kg and selling at £910 to the judge, Mr Allen.

Reserve champion was a Limousin cross steer from Messrs E Carse and Son, South Ord, weighing 430kg and selling at £1,030, also to Mr Allen.

A good show of cattle was presented to another packed ring of buyers, returning a great trade well above vendor expectations.

Steers per head: Aberdeen Angus: £1,230, £1,150, £1,070 Abberwick and East Bolton, £1,180 Springhill, Berwick, 10-12m £1070, £1,010, £980 (2), £950, £940 South Ord, £1,020 Kentstone, £960 Campfield and Gatherwick.

Limousin cross: £1,220, £1,160, £1,100, £1,050, £1,030 Newham Hall, £1,110 Abberwick and East Bolton, £1,080, £1,020 Prendwick, £1,010 Newstead. 10-12m £1,030, £1,010, £930 (2), £920 South Ord, £1,000, £990, £970, £950, £940 Branton Eastside.

Charolais cross: £1160, £1,090, £1,050, £1,030 East Ditchburn, £1,130, £1,070, £1,010 Newstead.

Simmental cross: £1,050 Chatton Park.

Hereford cross: £1050 Berryhill.

Heifers per head: Charolais cross: £1,070 East Ditchburn, £1,040 Newstead.

Aberdeen Angus cross: £1,020, £1,000, £990 Abberwick and East Bolton, £960 (2) Fowberry, Bamburgh.

Limousin cross: 10-12m £950, £900, £870 South Ord, £910 (2), £880, £865, £860, £850 Branton Eastside.

Simmental cross: £910 Chatton Park.

Hereford cross: £900 Chatton Park

Steers per kg: Charolais cross: 249.3p Great Ryle, 230.3p Wagtail.

Limousin cross: 244.2p, 242.1p Branton Eastside, 241.9p, 239.5p, 237.6p South Ord.

Aberdeen Angus cross: 235p Prendwick, 232.1p South Ord, 226p Berryhill.

Simmental Cross: 221.1p Chatton Park

Heifers per kg: Limousin cross: 242.7p, 229.4p, 224p Branton Eastside, 220.9p South Ord.

Charolais cross: 240.7p, 229.4p Great Ryle, 229.1p Wagtail.

Belgian blue cross: 217.7p Branton Eastside.

Simmental Cross 217.2p Chatton Park.

Aberdeen Angus cross: 202.9p Doxford Dairy.