Joint meeting with council chairmen to encourage dialogue

Wendy Pattison, county councillor for Longhoughton.
Wendy Pattison, county councillor for Longhoughton.

A newly-elected county councillor is arranging a joint meeting with parish chairmen in an attempt to bring ‘positive change’ to the area.

Conservative Wendy Pattison was elected member for the Longhoughton ward in May’s election, replacing Lib Dem Kate Cairns.

The ward is made up of nine parishes – Ellingham, Edlingham, Eglingham, Rennington, Craster, Embleton, Newton-by-the-Sea, Powburn/Hedgeley and Longhoughton.

To help the groups work closely together and to understand what issues face each parish, Coun Pattison is planning a meeting later in the year.

She said: “The Longhoughton ward is made up of nine very different parishes and I would like to bring positive change.

“As the Longhoughton ward county councillor, one of the most important things I can do is to find a level playing field and find out what the parishes have in common and what kind of difficulties each parish faces and what can be done to encourage dialogue/communication between all the differing villages/communities within the ward area.

“Almost anything is achievable with good relationships between our partners.

“At the moment, all nine parishes are totally independent of each other and by talking together and getting to know each other this can only assist in bringing all of our communities closer together.”

The meeting will take place on Friday, September 1, at the Thrunton Trout Fishery, at 6.30pm.