Following Jessie J’s cancellation of her concert in Wales tonight, the Gazette has spoken to the promoters to determine whether it affects tomorrow’s gig at Alnwick Pastures.

KAL Music says it has not yet heard from the pop star’s management, but will keep the Gazette informed at every step of the way.

Jessie issued a tweet half-an-hour ago apologising to fans due to attend her show at Pontypridd’s Big Weekend, saying she had been told by her doctor to rest after coming down with a virus.

She said: “I want to personally apologise to all my fans who would be going to my show tonight (Pontys Big.W) I have been diagnosed with a viral infection recently that has caused me to be extremely fatigued.

“I was hoping to be better but I have been to see my doctor this morning after not feeling great who has advised me I am still in need of rest&to;perform will make me worse.

“I hope you can all understand that I wish I could be there.But I’m just not well enough.Back to bed I go :( So sorry x”

As soon as the Gazette receives an update from the promoter, we will post it here, as well as on our Twitter feed and Facebook Page.