Jessica makes her England boxing debut

Alnwick boxing starlet Jessica Pattinson recently made her England debut, competing in the GB Schools' Tri-Nations event.

The Duchess’s High School pupil returned with the silver medal after what turned out to be a re-run of the English Schools’ final four weeks earlier against Sophie Morton.

And her performance was such that she has been selected to fight for England again, stepping back into the ring in Ireland this weekend.

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Jessica caught the eye of the England selectors with her attitude in and out of the ring, and they were quick to offer her a second national vest.

Father Gary said: “The GB Schools’ event was very much a massive step forward in Jessica’s international boxing career.

“The result was almost secondary as her performance was recognised by England Boxing when a number of the coaches complemented her on her conduct in and out of the ring all weekend.

“They complemented her maturity and her application and effort, applying the instructions that they were giving.

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“This was the very first time, in her 22nd fight, that I was not in her corner and she handled the transformation very well.

“When we were travelling home I received a call from England’s head coach who asked if Jessica would be available to box again for England, this time in Ireland from July 14-16. We, of course, said that she would be delighted.”

He added: “I would like to say thank you to the Duchess’s High School, which has been very supportive of Jessica’s boxing career.”