Jamie’s on the menu

Jamie Oliver. Photo: Nick Ansell/PA Wire
Jamie Oliver. Photo: Nick Ansell/PA Wire

A UNIQUE partnership between celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and a world-famous Northumberland visitor attraction is on the menu.

Plans are being cooked up for The Alnwick Garden to be a centre for Jamie’s Ministry of Food, a community-focussed initiative teaching basic culinary skills.

It is envisaged that the project will be based in a specially-designed area within the Alnwick attraction and a grand launch is being earmarked for July.

The Garden is currently searching for a project manager for the centre.

And David Ronn, managing director of Alnwick Castle and Garden, is hopeful Jamie’s Ministry of Food, Alnwick, will be a recipe for success.

“We are very excited to be in the early stages of this unique partnership,” he said.

“The appointment is the first step in the development of this project, and we are looking for someone very special to make it their own and to help us achieve the vision that we share with Jamie Oliver.

“This feels like a very natural collaboration, with both organisations having a similar ambition to create something unique at The Alnwick Garden.

“It will be all about learning about food, growing good seasonal local produce and promoting the benefits, and with a big dose of fun.”

In a job advert for the role, it says that the project manager will need to be ‘someone who is passionate about food and cares about people’.

Responsibilities would include ‘the delivery of cooking courses to non-cooks of all ages and abilities and will manage a team of food trainers and volunteers to ensure that there is a hub of food education for the community’.

The role would also demand building relationships with food suppliers and producers and to inspire people to cook, amongst other duties.

A number of Ministry of Food schemes have been set up across the UK, with centres in the likes of Newcastle, Leeds and Stratford.

It has also gone global, with allied projects in Australia and America.

On the celebrity chef’s website – jamieoliver.com – it states that he considers the Ministry of Food to be ‘the most important campaign he has ever worked on’ and is about keeping ‘cooking skills alive’.

The campaign is based on a British initiative from the Second World War, when the Government established a national network of food advisors and cooking teachers to educate the public about food and nutrition so they would be able to feed themselves properly with the rations available.

The celebrity chef took inspiration from this and in 2008 decided he wanted to reintroduce this network of local food centres and cookery teachers.