James Bond baddie talks about his career

Steven Berkoff
Steven Berkoff

Iconic actor, director and playwright Steven Berkoff comes to Alnwick Playhouse later this month to talk about his astonishing life and career.

His work on stage, film and TV combines the artistic, esoteric and popular, and his appearance at the north Northumberland venue will include a question and answer session.

Born in the heart of London’s East End in 1937, he went on to study drama in London and Paris before launching a career that quickly established a reputation as a startlingly radical writer, performer and director.

Powerful original plays and striking adaptations of works by Shakespeare, Kafka and others have earned him the respect of the theatre world as well as many awards. But he is probably best known to the public as one of Hollywood’s favourite baddies having starred in movies like A Clockwork Orange, Octopussy, Beverley Hills Cop, Rambo and more recently The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

As an author he has published a variety of books and is a highly-regarded poet and travel writer.

Berkoff is also an accomplished photographer who has habitually photographed his surroundings since childhood.

His recent book East End Photographs features studies of the now-vanished world in which he grew up.

The Second World War had a huge impact on both his family and the east end of London.

Berkoff was just three years old when his family’s home was destroyed in the Blitz.

When asked recently for his memories of what happened, he replied: “I don’t remember the war very well at all.

“I just remember going to the shelters when we heard the sirens. When our house took a direct hit I was in Whitechapel Underground. We came out and the house had gone.”

Berkoff will be at the Playhouse on Sunday, April 28, at 4pm. Tickets are priced £18.50 premier, £17.50 standard, £14 child/student and £16.50 Friends.

Call 01665 510785, visit www.alnwickplayhouse.co.uk or go to the box office.