Jam Jar Army: Worst year for dog abuse

Toni and Pepper.
Toni and Pepper.

This year’s Jam Jar Army campaign for SHAK received good news last week when it passed the £5,000 mark, but the charity itself is often a source of bad news.

“This year has been the worst I’ve ever known for abuse, neglect and sheer cruelty to dogs,” said Stephen Wylie.

Jam Jar Army for SHAK logo.

Jam Jar Army for SHAK logo.

“Pepper and Toni (pictured) were picked up as strays, clearly related in some way and most probably having been together all their lives.

“Pepper was blind in one eye and the two of them were severely underweight, suffering from skin conditions and with extremely long claws.

“The fact that they were such happy-go-lucky dogs made the way they had been neglected even tougher to take.

“Over the next six months, after being assessed, SHAK volunteers treated their ailments and nursed them back to full health and last weekend they spent a great day at the beach in the company of the people who care for them.

“Anyone got a bit of room in their lives for these two soulmates?

“Contact foreverfoster@shak.org.uk”

This tale offers a stark reminder of the good work that the charity does right here in north Northumberland and why they were voted as the beneficiary for this year by our readers.

We want individuals, families and businesses to all have jam jars so they can help raise money for this worthy local cause.

For more information, visit shak.org.uk or follow @jamjararmy and @SHAKRescue on Twitter.