JAM JAR ARMY: Valentino warms up after braving weather

Valentino, who was found in Morpeth.Valentino, who was found in Morpeth.
Valentino, who was found in Morpeth.
We received a call from someone in Morpeth on Saturday, February 11, stating they'd found a hedgehog wandering around on their lawn.

He must have been desperate to be out in such adverse conditions – the driving rain was incessant, with the wind from the east making it bitterly cold.

The lady was busy preparing lunch when she looked out of the window at what she thought were just some leaves until she realised they were moving and saw it was a hedgehog.

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Lunch was abandoned temporarily, as preparations were hastily made to put a rescue plan in place – the person concerned has a daughter who runs a hedgehog rescue in Dorset so was well versed into what to do, although a trip to Dorset did seem rather out of place when we were much nearer!

As you can imagine, he had been well cared for overnight and was placed in our incubator upon arrival here to minimise any risk of hypothermia. He’s now in his temporary home until he can be released back into the wild when the weather improves and is thoroughly enjoying living in the lap of luxury with a nice warm fleece to snuggle in to as you can see.

He is gaining weight rapidly as he tucks into the dry food he seems to love.

He was named Valentino (it was close to the big day of course) and, although a very handsome chap, didn’t bring two dozen red roses with him! I’m sure he’ll still charm the girls when back to his natural habitat once more.

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